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Bamboo Palm

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  •  Live lucky bamboo plant along with Plastic pot (bowl)
  •  Plant height up to 6 inch
  •  Good luck (fortune) plant, bring prosperity and wealth in home.
  •  Indoor plant, useful for decor home and office.


Product Details:

  • Plant Name- Two Layer Lucky Bamboo
  • Plant Placement- Indoors
  • Plant Height- Up to 6 inches
  • Plant Care Card is Included

Lucky Bamboo Trivia:

  • Origin- Tropical rainforests of South-east Asia and Africa.
  • The Positive effect of the Lucky Bamboo Palm differs with the number of Lucky Bamboo stalks!
  • Two layered Lucky Bamboo Palm is an expression of love and is also said to double your luck.

Care Instructions

  • Please take out the plant from the box immediately after receiving it.
  • Indirect light at moderate levels is best for a lucky bamboo plant.
  • Add fresh, clean water to your bamboo plant two or three times each week.
  • It is important to keep several inches of water in the container, making sure to keep the roots of the plant wet.
  • Changing the water every 8 to 10 days keeps your lucky bamboo in top condition.


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